What are we up to?

An Open and Affirming Church in a New Location

Noble Road Presbyterian Church is an open and Affirming Church. We no longer have an NRPC Church building, but we continue to be a vital community of faith. The Spirit of God continues to invite us into the mission of transforming lives through Jesus Christ.  Please feel free to join us for our informal, traditional style worship on Sundays.

We are currently meeting in Bloomfield Hall at Lyndhurst Community of Faith Church, 5312 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland, OH 44124 at10 am on Sundays.

Note that during Lent 2023 we are  engaged in an exciting project referred to as Sent for Lent. Small groups of us have each chosen another church to attend for five Sundays, so we will not be meeting at Lyndhurst Community of Faith Church. We are exploring to find out what is going on in other churches to gain ideas for our own church and possibly to establish collaborations for the future

What have we been up to since our move?

How is Noble Road continuing to be a church without a building? We would like to offer the same invitation that the disciples offered curious outsiders – Come and See! Come and see what we have been doing, or at least read about it in the Window. In the months since we relocated to our temporary home at LCPC, Noble Road has continued to do many of the great things we have done in the past, here are some examples:

  • We have worshipped weekly and served communion on the first of each month.
  • We have collected school supplies for students at Noble
  • Presbyterian Women have met, shared meals, studied the bible, and engaged in a local mission
  • The Earth Care Team has worked to preserve many of the plants and trees that remain at our old building as well as worked with the LCPC team to explore ways that we can join forces for a bigger
  • Communion was taken to some people who were unable to attend
  • The Session has begun to develop our 2022 budget and Stewardship outreach
  • We installed Joan Webster and Vicki Kanka as Ruling Elders
  • We have reached out to partner with a sister congregation to assist with helping to obtain visas and then to welcome a family of 6 refugees from Afghanistan who will ultimately be coming to the Cleveland area. (more information to come).
  • We have begun an Advent Giving project to collectively purchase a Community Farm through the Presbyterian Giving Catalogue. More on this project on the “Giving Project 2021” page on this website.

Contact Information for Noble Road Presbyterian Church

Pastor: Meredith White, e-mail: meredithwz@gmail.com

Mailing Address:

Noble Road Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 181427 3 Severance Circle
Cleveland Hts, OH 44121

Phone: 216.382.0660
Church e-mail: nrpc@sbcglobal.net

Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/7655749611

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