A Bird’s Eye View of Noble Road Church

Thanks for checking out Noble Road Church! You’ve actually come looking at us during an exciting time in the life of the congregation. After several years of visioning and searching for the best ways to engage in ministry, we’ve come to an important realization: there are no “best ways;” there is only being who we are in community as we seek to follow the love ethic of Jesus Christ.

During the year, if you were a bird flying after the people who make up this church community, you would be amazed. You would find people volunteering with a homeless advocacy program in the City of Cleveland. You will find some of our folks tutoring inside the local elementary school. At certain times of the year you can hear us scribbling on paper as we write to our local representatives imploring them to act for justice; you will travel with our young people as they sit at the feet of Nobel Peace laureates; you could visit our church facility during the week and listen to the voices of adults from across many nations of the world learning to speak English, and at the same time watch preschoolers putting together the letters that spell their names. On Sunday mornings you would hear the gospel of Jesus proclaimed in song, prayer, preaching, and fellowship.

Life in the Noble Road Church community is vibrant and fluid. Our location in a progressive, first-ring suburb of a major city encourages us to be involved. Indeed, when we are at our best, we find our direction in the words of the prophet Micah who proclaimed:

God has shown shown you what is good, and what does the Lord require of you: but to do justice, and love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

Hebrew Scriptures, Micah 6:8

If you are looking for a church community that reflects these values then we would for you to contact us. Let us know so that we can join you in whatever God is leading you to be doing, wherever that may be.

In peace,

Pastor Francis


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