Isaac’s report on his trip to Europe


Isaac Monah recently went to Switzerland and Germany to make presentations on the Dougbe River Presbyterian School project (see tab above).  The day after his return, he and John Luttermoser went to Holmes County, Ohio and made a presentation to the congregation of Hopewell Presbyterian Church, which will be a partner in the project.

Here is Isaac’s report:

I left Cleveland on April 8 and went to Switzerland to do some networking, through the invitation of my friend Dr. Redouan Bshary.

In Bern, Switzerland, I spoke with a lot of people and did a presentation. They were happy with the news and willing to be partners in the near future, when the school is built. But also, there were questions that were raised. They wondered if donations to the Dougbe River project could be claimed as tax deductions in Europe, as they can be here in the States. I told them that Noble Road Presbyterian Church’s session and the Dougbe River general board will decide and I will get back to them.

I was in Bern for four days and then I traveled to Munich, Germany, where my friend’s parents live. I also talked to some people there and went to church there. The people I met there also said they want the school to be built first, before they can help. I spent four days in Munich – it’s a nice city – then we came back to Bern on a six-hour train ride through some nice parts of Switzerland and Germany.

Thanks, Isaac


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