Dougbe River school groundbreaking scheduled

With funds coming in more quickly and the project gaining momentum and attention, the General Board of the Dougbe River Presbyterian School project has scheduled groundbreaking for October 27, 2010.

This is another milepost in the journey, and certainly not the finish line.  We are still roughly $10,000 away from being able to construct the classroom building and open the school — and perhaps more than a quarter of a million dollars away from building the boarding-school campus that is Isaac Monah’s vision, and will allow us to serve children from all 12 villages in the Twarbo Region of Konobo District, Grand Gedeh County.

But our progress has clearly accelerated, and the board is confident that by the final quarter of 2010 we will be able to construct the classroom building.  With a curriculum to plan, teachers to hire, and a lot more that needs to be done, it should be a busy and exciting year.


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