50 Days of Spreading More Light

Happy Easter!!

By way of celebrating this season of new life – Noble Road Church will be searching high and low for ways of spreading our understanding of what resurrected life looks like: that is, to recognize beauty is to be found in our humanness, and that in the darkest places of our lives God is present.

Many of the LOUD voices representing Christianity in our culture would lead people to believe that Christians are a bunch of bigoted hypocrites who resemble nothing about Jesus.

In Jesus, we see compassion. In Jesus, we see an advocate for justice. In Jesus, we see comprehensive hospitality. In Jesus, we see the authentic love of God.

And so we strive to speak out against injustice wherever it may be found. We strive to welcome anyone who is looking for a place to be, and especially those who find that society has placed barriers for inclusion. We strive to be authentic to the command to love God, neighbor, and self. And we are self-aware enough to know that we don’t always do what we strive to do. But strive we must.

If you happen to be strolling by this site and like what you hear or have questions, please leave a comment. If you live in the Cleveland area and want to try us out, or invite us to share ministry with you, please do.

Blessed Easter!


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