Visiting our partners at Hopewell

Isaac Monah and John Luttermoser spent Sunday, May 2 in Holmes County, Ohio at Hopewell Presbyterian Church, where a small, generous congregation has become one of our partners in the Dougbe River Presbyterian School Project.

Isaac and the Kasers: Clockwise from top left, Glenn, Hal, Heather and Linda.

Hopewell became involved in the Dougbe River project through a connection between Isaac and a family in that congregation, the Kasers. In 2007, the year Isaac went back to his home region in Liberia and felt the call to launch a school there, he was also involved in the care of Hans Kaser, who was being treated for brain cancer at the Cleveland Clinic. By the time Hans passed away in October of that year at the age of 44, Isaac had become close to the family, and the family had become interested in Isaac’s mission.

Left to right, elders Isaac Monah and John Luttermoser of Noble Road Presbyterian Church, Rev. Chris Stewart of Hopewell Presbyterian Church.

Hopewell’s Session and its pastor, the Rev. Chris Stewart, also were inspired to participate. They invited Isaac to make a presentation during a worship service, took a special collection for the school, and made it clear they intended to be long-term partners and contributors. Glenn Kaser, Hans’ father, became a member of the Dougbe River project’s General Board.

On May 2, Isaac made a second presentation at Hopewell, and about three dozen people in rural Ohio once again opened their hearts and their wallets for the people of Twarbo Region, Konobo District, Grand Gedeh County in rural Liberia.

The photos with this post were taken in the Hopewell sanctuary after the May 2 service.

For more about the project in Liberia, click on the Dougbe River tab at the top of the page.


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