Christian Education 2017-2018



Children’s Church School (2017-2018):


A very large group of us met on Sunday, August 13, 2017, to complete planning for Children’s Church School.  The Discipleship Committee had identified the approach we would take by using a PCUSA Children’s Mission Yearbook as a guide.  From that Mission Yearbook, a focus for each class was selected.  The focus will be a word which the leader will use to construct the class.  The schedule is as listed below.



Word Focus Leader Observer
September 17, 2017


Unity Cynthia Johnston &

Barbara Wherley


October 1, 2017


Non-violence Janet Reinke Carolyn Sugiuchi
October 15, 2017


Stewardship Judy Beeler Janet Reinke
November 5, 2017


Home Joanne Westin Judy Beeler
November 19, 2017


Restoration Tim Seibel Jeff Babic
December 3, 2017


Peace Judy Beeler Tim Seibel
January 7, 2018


Heritage Barbara Wherley Bob Pescho
January 21, 2018


Community Barbara Wherley Bob Pescho
February 4, 2018


Rejoice Maria Bernardo Cathie Wherley
February 18, 2018


Prayer Joan Webster Cathie Wherley
March 4, 2018


Diversity Jonell Levenson Lynne Miller
March 18, 2018


Interconnected Jonell Levenson John Luttermoser
April 15, 2018


Living Water Lynne Miller Cathie Wherley
May 6, 2018


Mission Joanne Westin Barbara Wherley
May 20, 2018


Evangelism Willie Johnston Carolyn Sugiuchi


Church School for 3 to 5 year olds

When present, the 3 to 5 year olds will meet in the library with Marcelo Atanasio.

Adult Discussion for fall


 Bible Study

Second and fourth Thursday at 6 pm, starting Sptember 28